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FAQS about Dental Bonding

Find out how this simple cosmetic dental treatment could improve the look of your smile. 

Wondering how you can improve your smile without turning to more aggressive cosmetic treatments? If you haven’t heard of dental bonding it’s high time that you did! Bonding is a great way to make subtle changes to your smile that can actually make quite an impact. Read on to learn more about what this treatment can do for you, and contact your Manassas, VA, cosmetic dentist, Dr. Thao Bui-Nguyen, to schedule a bonding consultation!

What is dental bonding? 

This simple cosmetic procedure is one of the easiest and least expensive cosmetic dentistry treatments that you can choose. During bonding, our Manassas, VA, dentist applies a moldable tooth-colored material, known as composite resin, over a tooth to alter its color, shape, or size.

Composite resin is also used to fill cavities, where it is matched to the shade of the tooth before it’s applied, allowing it to blend right in. No one will be able to tell the difference between the bonding resin and natural tooth enamel!

What issues can bonding fix? 

Bonding is often used on front teeth since any imperfections in these teeth are very visible and can make someone feel self-conscious about their appearance. This treatment is ideal in this situation because bonding can repair everything from chips, cracks, and minor fractures, to discolorations and even small gaps between teeth.

How is bonding placed? 

During bonding, little to no tooth preparation is required before the bonding resin can be applied. The only time local anesthesia will ever be required is if we are treating decay or we need to remove an old restoration.

After cleaning the tooth to remove any plaque and tartar, our dentist will apply conditioning gel over the tooth. This gel will roughen the surface to make the resin stick to the tooth. The gel is rinsed off and then the resin is applied and shaped. Once the resin is properly shaped, we will harden it to the tooth using a special curing light. Lastly, the tooth is polished so that the resin shines like the rest of your tooth. This entire process can be completed in just a single dental visit!

How long does bonding last? 

How long your dental bonding lasts will depend on several factors including where the bonding is located and how well you care for your teeth. Avoid chewing hard, crunchy foods on the tooth and do not use your teeth as tools (e.g. using them to open a bottle). With proper care, tooth-colored bonding can last anywhere from 4-8 years.

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